If only I have
the power to
turn back time,
I would have
never been
in that furnace.

Yes, it was like
furnace after
you left me.
I miss your
sublime grin.
Your hair with
which I love
burying my face.

That saccharine
laugh of yours
that sounded
like sonata
to my ears

And the words
of passion that
we whispered.
They keep
haunting my
grief-stricken mind.

What we had
was a poignant
love affair.
Ill-fated yet
it took me
to sheer oblivion

Now that you’re gone,
just memories.

Nothing more.

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i keep writing
down these words
that my heart
wants to shout
so badly
but there is
this some weird
that backlashes
these words
from escaping
this mouth of mine

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Anonymous said:
how do we submit stuff?  

Click on the submissions link on the side bar and it should take you to the submissions page :)

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Last night,

I had a vivid

nightmare about you.

And though

it was a nightmare,

I didn’t want

to wake you

from it

because then

we’d be worlds apart.

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Soul Escaping

As I utter my words at death
Sorrow will haunt you my sweet
My affection shall be suppressed
Words may not express love so deep
Those summer nights taking hits
Carnivals and cotton candy mess
Love making and taking sips
Touch your skin while you undress
Pain at the thought of being apart
My last words quiver on my lips
Resolve to cherish in her heart
I love you so I die in bliss

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On the Curb (Waiting)

No one looks at the side of the road. But at the intersection of Q and Second, the occasional car whisked past a boy simply sitting silent on the concrete in rubber-soled sneakers and a faded Snoopy t-shirt.

“trees…nice today,” he thought, as their leaves whistled and whispered under the sunlight and cast half-moon shadows at and over his feet.

Throwing his head back, his lips formed the word “blue” and blew it away into the hot-breezed sky.

The whining of an engine coming down Q brought his eyes back to the road as a silver sedan coasted by and braked gently. “stop,” he breathed, forming the angular letters on the rusty red octagon he’d seen a thousand times today next to a thousand other cars.

They never look back, he thought subconsciously, staring inquisitively into the side window. The first one today had been a man in a suit on his cell phone. The second was a big man eating a hamburger. The third one was a lady with funny blue-and-yellow hair and a white smile.

This one was also a lady, with brown locks crisp and straight. She pressed a hand to her temple, scrunched up her skin and sighed as a car blurred past on Second.

They never look back, but still he stared into the side of her face, at her sunglasses glinting silver through lightly-tinted windows. She had a shiny little t swinging from the mirror, and that too glinted silver.

Suddenly the glasses were a little shinier and his eyes squinted instinctively. She was looking!

He opened his mouth, only to find his tongue stuck to his teeth. He struggled to find the word; but a moment later, having checked the road, she turned and drove away down Second Street.

As the sedan purred into the distance, he found the word.


It fell flatly onto the shifting shadows.

Perhaps he’ll try R and Second tomorrow.


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WordPress: noutos.WordPress.com (more of my writing is here because I only transitioned to tumblr recently)

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Anonymous said:
Will you post poetry anonymously?  

if you don’t feel like posting it with a name, then doing it as anon is just fine :)

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pet hates by me 
This is great, love seeing some people submit! - M

pet hates by me 

This is great, love seeing some people submit! - M

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